Hillsville Hardee’s Biscuit Maker Wins Top Award in Biscuit Maker Challenge

HILLSVILLE,VA. (Feb. 26, 2014) – If the breakfast biscuits baked at the Hardee’s® restaurant at 115 N. Main St. taste delicious, that’s because they are made by a Biscuit Maker Champion.

Local Hardee’s biscuit maker Mary Marshall was named this week as the 2013 Best Biscuit Maker of Boddie-Noell Enterprises, the largest Hardee’s franchise operator in the nation. Marshall advanced beyond more than 700 other biscuit makers at 335 Hardee’s restaurants across four states to win the overall award.

Contestants in Boddie-Noell’s annual Biscuit Maker Challenge represented Hardee’s restaurants across North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky. In addition to Marshall, the three best biscuit maker regional winners were Elijah Hoff of the Hardee’s in Timberville, Anthony Robinson of Virginia Beach and Jeanette Thomas of Aberdeen, N.C.

Boddie-Noell honored the four regional winners and announced Marshall as the overall winner during a banquet Sunday night at the company’s Rose Hill Plantation near Nashville, NC.

“I’m really blessed,” said Marshall after her name was announced. “This is truly an honor. There’s a lot of teamwork at our restaurant and I’ve just kept at it trying to perfect my biscuits.”

Marshall and the three other regional winners will be featured later this year in photos on the in-store tray liners at all Hardee’s restaurants operated by Boddie-Noell.

The competition started in October, and each biscuit maker was evaluated based on the quality of his or her biscuits, knowledge of proper biscuit equipment, cleanliness and care of the biscuit equipment, knowledge and execution of company procedures, grooming and appearance. The competition’s judges included general managers, district managers, regional directors, vice presidents and other executives in the restaurant division of Boddie-Noell at five levels of competition.

Marshall, who lives in Hillsville, has worked as a biscuit maker at Hardee’s for more than 5 years. Marshall says the key to creating the best Hardee’s Made from Scratch™ Biscuit begins with “caring about what you do.” After that, being consistent and “following procedures every day and practice, practice, practice” is key. Marshall also noted she has been baking her whole life. Her favorite biscuit? “The Sausage Biscuit with grape jelly,” she said.

“We have some amazing biscuit makers in our company, but Mary is one of our new stars and her biscuits were really something special,” said Terry Lewis, Boddie-Noell’s vice president of operations for Hardee’s and host of the Biscuit Maker Banquet. “It’s a real tribute to her and her breakfast team at the restaurant.”

Aside from making biscuits, Marshall enjoys baking, particularly pound cakes and German chocolate cake for her son and his wife as well as her four grandchildren. She doesn’t mind rising early at 4 a.m. to begin baking biscuits for customers as she’s always been an early riser. Her family talked her into starting biscuit baking based on her longtime love of making foods that family and friends alike enjoyed.

Hardee’s Made from Scratch™ biscuits, which have been served at Boddie-Noell restaurants since 1977, are a vital part of the restaurant’s menu.

In 2013, Hardee’s restaurants owned and operated by Boddie-Noell used more than 10.8 million pounds of flour and biscuit mix and 867,000 gallons of buttermilk to make the golden brown biscuits – enough flour, mix and buttermilk to fill more than 47 tractor-trailers.

About Boddie-Noell Enterprises

With over 50 years success as a Hardee’s franchisee, family-owned Boddie-Noell is the largest Hardee’s franchise operator in the United States with 335 restaurant locations in four states. The company is based in Rocky Mount, N.C. For more information, visit www.bneinc.com.